Sunday, June 25, 2017


24 June 2017

I drove to Truckstops. in the morning. It is about 10km north of Balian. As usual, the drive along the main road in Bali traffic was amazing. Trucks, cars, buses, motorbikes and dogs on a very narrow and rough road. The waves were nice with a lot of push. There were three locals out surfing. They didn't look like share-type guys so I watched for awhile and headed but to Balian.
I ended up having a fun surf mid morning surf.

The rest of the day was very lazy - chatting with Mick, eating, reading
After lunch, heavy rain settled in for the afternoon.
We had dinner at hotel restaurant with Mick and Brandt.

25 June 2017

The end of Ramadan but it wasn't noticeable at Balian which is a Hindu village.

I had an early glassy surf with size. I got some nice waves and a few floggings and a couple of caught badly inside :) All part of the fun.

I had breakfast, a rest and was back out again for a surf with Rodney Boulden. 
We had lunch at Pitaya - great food but it took ages to arrive.
A restful afternoon and then I joined Rodney, Brandt, Adi and (can't remember name) for a few beers and a chat.
It was raining so we had dinner at the hotel. We met Idam and Daniel and their two kids. Idam was from Nias island ( a small island off Sumatra) in Indonesia and Daniel was a head chef on an oil rig in WA. 

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