Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I checked the surf at Wamberal and Shelley Beach. Not the best but a pretty sunrise.

I drove up to Brisbane water National Park for a bike ride along the Tunnel Trail and Tommos Loop with a play around the old quarry.

One of the major features of the old quarry are the two large pools of water. One looks quite natural with reeds and birds. The other is a rectangular pond scraped from the rocks. Today, the water in the latter was very clear. It looked like it would be good for a swim.

It was fun riding along the edge of the pond and the rough ground of the quarry.

From the quarry, I followed the trail around to Staples Lookout. The trail had a few steep sections and some great views over the hinterland to the west.

A highlight towards the end of the trail was a pair of Glossy Black Cockatoos. Noisy but pretty.

Staples Lookout has a panoramic view over Brisbane Water from Gosford to Ettalong.

The next section was down Woy Woy Road. The most dangerous spot due to high speeds of bike and cars.

A very hot and fun 8.8km ride.

I still had enough time for a swim and coffee at Terrigal Beach.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


The weather was looking unsettled but probably no rain.

I checked the surf at Wamberal Beach then decided on a kayak.

I drove to Patonga and launched the kayak from a 3 metre beach at the end of Jacaranda Ave.

I paddled over to the mangroves and as the tide was high I was able to play amongst the mangrove trees. A pretty obstacle course.

It was a fairly easy paddle as the tide was going higher and so at times, I just drifted with the current, laid back and tangled the feet over the edge.

There were a number of oyster farms on the creek which meant keeping close to the shore.

Eventually, I reached the narrowing of Patonga Creek. At this point, the creek is about 5 metres wide with lots of overhanging branches and shallow sandbars. personally, I like it when it becomes narrow as what lies ahead is out of sight making it more of an adventure.

Towards the end, I beached the kayak to have a wander around a 'fishing hut'. The spot would make for a great overnight camp. there were also a few tracks meandering off. I followed one for a short while into a rainforest area. Pretty!

Time to end back. Unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of time to get back so I spent the hour and a quarter paddling hard and constant against the tide and the wind. I was pretty tired but I made it with 5 minutes to spare.

A fun and adventurous 8.51km kayak

Saturday, November 26, 2016


We have had relatives visiting and last night was the last night and we had a few drinks. Not too many but enough to feel to seedy to do anything today.

BUT there was reunion on...

I caught up with friends I haven't seen since last year. It was so good and a lot of laughs. These are the guys that I grew up with ... some of them attended the same high school and some I had trips away with surfing up the coast.

Funny, I take photos all the time but at certain times I just want to experience every moment.


I drove over to Patonga on this morning.

Patonga is a pretty small town nestled on a small area of land between Patonga Creek and Brisbane Water National Park. There is only one road in and out.

I parked at the end of Jacaranda Ave for the start of the Patonga Creek Wetlands trail.

The track started off easy with a gate to pass through or over. After a short distance a boulder strewn creek cuts across the track. It was a little difficult to cross. there are two ways go high and lift the bike up and down large steep boulders or go low and use the bike to balance while you hop from rock to rock through the water. I tried both ways and probably the water way was easier ... relatively.

The track winds its way through the vegetation and side tracks lead to creek with pretty views.

A some point the vegetation widens out and changes from bush to mangroves. This was heaps of fun to ride through ending in a number of dead end tracks. A track best to do at the lower tide as it is water at high tide.

A fun but don't open your mouth because of the thickness of the flies 2.51 km ride.

Next, I went for a swim at Patonga Beach.

The water was very calm and refreshing, the view so pretty and the beach so relaxing.

Friday, November 25, 2016


One of my favourite rides today at Bouddi NP.

I was intending to follow a number of tracks in a loop fashion.

I reached the turkey trail cycling along the road from Maitland Bay carpark. I was feeling confident so I was cycling at a fast pace. the first section of the trail is the best part with a winding trail through the bushed then a number of turns with steepening drops over tree roots and rocks. I was trying to follow smoothing and was gaining more speed but towards the end of this section the bike stopped and over the handlebars I went. I rolled along the ground and my injury was only a scape on my leg. the bike was okay too. Now falling like that isn't good but considering the terrain I was lucky that I landed on dirt and not rocks or tree roots.

I continued along the track and then joined on the NW ridge track which was so much fun. A low section of track meandering through the bush and then along the edge of the escarpment to pop out eventually on the trail and on towards the Aboriginal carvings.

I was going to go further but my leg was feeling a little sore so I doubled back to finish my ride.

An eventful 4.96 km ride.


At Frazer Park in Munmorah SCA.

Now, this is a pretty beach. A small waterway peters out into the sand and rocky rugged cliffs seals in the narrow bay.

I walked along the white fine sand and splashed through the tannin water of the waterway. There was a surf running but the waves weren't very goo quality.

I soon reached the rock platform at the base of the cliffs and followed them around to Wybung Head.

My intention was to snorkel at a small bay just before Wybung Head but the wind was strong whipping up wind sweep waves into the narrow inlet. Not good for snorkeling.

Still, it was a nice walk. Highlights, were a series of boulders lying on a small beach in a maze like pattern and a sinking pebbly beach. It was sinking as on each step one would sink nearly to one's ankles.

There were difficult sections of erratically stacked boulders which had tumbled down from the cliff.

On the return leg, I played around the shallow rockpools.

An okay 3.25 km hike.

Later, at home, we had some king parrots visit.


 A fiery red morning...


A fun 5.41km kayak around Avoca Lagoon.

The water level wasn't too high but it was enough to get the far tributary of Saltwater Creek. The waterway narrows gradually passing underneath a small bridge. once pass this point it is difficult to even paddle without striking the creek banks.

The birds were amazing this morning. There were so many out and about. The best part was a nesting Black Swan.

Afterwards, we went to a music concert at Gosford Japanese Gardens.

Such a great venue with the musicians playing on a stage above the ponds that were teeming with fish and ducks.

The music was good with jazz by Dorian Mode and an upbeat violinist playing in another session. And it was free!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2016


At ocean beach today for a cycle along the beach and the cycle path.

A beautiful and warm morning. I parked near the Umina Surf Club and rode the cycle path towards Ettalong. Unfortunately, I noticed my tyre going soft so I headed back via the beach when soft tyres would be an advantage.

It was a nice ride and after a quick fix at the van, I was off again and along the beach.

It is such a nice feeling riding on the sand.

I returned via the cycle path and stopped for a bit of a play on a bike obstacle track. A fun 6.33km ride!

I was pretty hot and sweaty so I had a swim on Ocean Beach.

A friendly place where I spoke to a number of strangers - talking about campervans, cameras and littering.


A mountain bike at Brisbane Water National Park. I parked at Grandview Crescent, Hardy's Bay. It started as a road/trail which w...