Thursday, December 19, 2013

CENTRAL COAST - OURIMBAH SF - MTB - 19 december 2013

I have been here once before.

I parked along red hill road about 100 metres from tree tops adventure park. The trail head is at the carpark.

It was a great ride with three spots that I bypassed as they were a bit extreme for me. Overall, there are good climbs, long runs, small drop offs... a great variety.

I did better this time and look forward to the next ride when I know which way to go better.

distance - 7.27 km
time - 50 mins
av speed - 8.6 km/h
max speed - 20 km/h
elevation range - 59metres

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


A beautiful sunny day.

A walk up to the north end of Wamberal beach to the point for a snorkel.

The surf was small and the water clear except for some seaweed. There were a number of fish and in parts there were gardens of seaweed. On the occasion waves were breaking and they tried to push into the rocks. I finished at Spoon Bay. About 1 hour in the water.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


A hot sunny day.

I drove to Pourmalong Creek for a kayak. The creek runs into Lake Macquarie near Morriset.

I turned into Silky Oak Road, which is a private road leading to Morriset Psychiatric Hospital. Just after the bridge there is public access road - Eucalyptus Drive. There is plenty of parking and access to the lake.

I paddled north and turned into Pourmalong Creek. It was very quiet (except for the cicadas) and clean. Highlights included - a low bridge, kangaroos along the creek bank, eagle and other birds, fish and submerged and semi submerged logs that made for a good obstacle course.

The GPS map wasn't quite right on the end part of the paddle for some reason.

distance - 8.1 km
time - 1 hr 38 mins
av speed - 5.1 km/h

Sunday, December 15, 2013


I have been waiting for a flat ocean and warm windless day to try out the new housing for canon d20.

I had some problems which I hope to overcome on next usage.

I've lost so many compact waterproof cameras that I decided to invest in the housing. so far so good.

The water was a bit chilly but pretty clear.

Friday, December 13, 2013

AUSTRALIA - AWABA SF - MTB - 13 december 2013

I spoke to a friend - Simon - yesterday about Awaba. He said it was great so off I went.

Parking is at Mount Faulk road and Jenkins Road. I parked near the front entry as the road didn't look very good for the van.

The ride was excellent (followed blue track)... road, easy to follow tracks, narrow and fun track, some very hard sections and some sections too hard for me and different vegetation.

The day was hot and the humidity was high. After a short while, I was soaked with perspiration.

I finished the ride and spent an hour and a half waiting for a tow from the NRMA as my parking spot was on sand. it looked good when I parked...someone must have changed it!

distance - 7.99 km
time - 48 minutes
av speed - 9.8 km/h
max speed - 25 km/h

Monday, December 9, 2013

CENTRAL COAST - WYEE CREEK - KAYAK - 9 december 2013

I parked at Ruttleys Road on a dirt turn off before Mannering Point Island. The road wasn't very good but it was a good launch spot.

 At first there were a number of small inlets to explore amongst the mangroves. At two nearby locations there were large drain pipes that lead from Lake Macquarie under Ruttleys Road. One group of pipes lead to Mannering bay and the other to Wyee Creek. I played in the pipes for awhile. It was exciting travelling along them.

I eventually spewed myself out at Wyee Creek and followed it. It was very quiet and pretty.

After a time, I came across the 'Enchanted Forest'. This was a sort of lake with a large number of dead trees. The leafless trees created a magical world at water level and tree top level.

I continued paddling onwards up Wyee Creek till I was blocked by a large number of fallen logs.

The paddled was fun! I sighted lizards, birds and eagles.

distance - 9.6km
time - 2:18
av speed - 4.2 km/h
max speed - 12.8 km/h

Sunday, December 8, 2013


We parked at Grandview Crescent for the start of the bike and hike to Box Head.

It was an afternoon adventure. We walked/cycled up Hawke Head Drive till it levelled out some more then cycled onwards to the track to Box Head.

Along the way there were great views over Brisbane Waters and the beaches - Putty and Tallows.

We passed through a barrier gate after which there were a number of signs leading to other trails/tracks.

The hike to Box Head had good views north along the coast and south towards Broken Bay, Umina and Pittwater. We sat on the cliff point at Box head enjoying the view and the late afternoon sunshine.


A mountain bike at Brisbane Water National Park. I parked at Grandview Crescent, Hardy's Bay. It started as a road/trail which w...