Friday, March 2, 2018


1 March 2018

A one night break at Stockton.

After an hour's driving, I realized that I forgot the paddle for the kayak. Luckily, Jacinta hadn't left for work so she took the paddle to Toukley where she was working and I drove back to pick it up.

At Stockton, I settled into the camping area then unloaded the bike for a ride around the area.

It was a fun 15 kilometre ride.

I cycle along the breakwall for some good views to the north and of the exit of the harbour at Newcastle. It was very different watching large ships coming and going being escorted by tugboats up close.

The next stop was a coffee at Lexie's. While I was drinking my coffee near the beach, I met Des, who was 92 years old. He had lots of good stories - WW2, stationed in New Guinea, fishing, his brother and coal mining. He was riding his bike around. A great inspiration - fit and sharp as a tack.

I continued on along a few ocean sandy tracks then I veered over towards the river and followed the cycle path to the Stockton sand spit nature reserve.

At the very end of the rough road, I met Dave, who was camping there with his dog. Dave and I talked about his trailer setup, fishing and doing things in life. A nice guy.

The Sandspit was a small saltmarsh but it was fun to cycle along the tracks and watch the bird wildlife.

I followed the cycle path along the river and back to Stockton.

After a rest, I wandered along the beach and had a swim and did my stretches and exercises.

The tide was now low and the sand as very firm so I got the bike down the beach and cycled along it. Nice.

I rested some more and headed into town for pizza.

Back at the camp, I kept hearing a very loud horn sound. It was coming from a massive cruise ship that was leaving the port.

2 March 2018

I woke to the sound of rain but it was short lived.

I walked the short distance to the breakwall and watched the sunrise. Very contrasting with the wall, clouds and shipping.

I wanted to have a kayak at Fullerton Cove but I couldn't find a decent place to launch so I decided to gradually make my way back home.

My first stop was Hams Beach but the surf was windblown so I had a kayak at Black Neds Bay at Swansea.

The bay was reasonably protected from the wind and I had a lot of fun paddling through the mangroves and over the clear water.

I stopped in at Catherine Hill Bay and found that it was quite protected from the wind. I had a fun surf on a sandbank to myself with good rights and an occasional left.


19 February 2018

I had a MTB at Kincumba Mountain - a short ride on a couple of tracks. A  huge lace monitor dive off a tree. The tracks were good but a little soft in parts.

A late afternoon kayak with Kara and Mr Archibald at Avoca Lagoon.  We looked at the Black Winged Stilt chicks. I was able to get very close to four of the chicks. The parents were a bit freaked out at first but calmed down when I remained still in the kayak.

We paddled up the west end of the lagoon to look at the Stilt eggs but couldn't find them - very good camouflage.

21 February 2018

A MTB on Kincumba Mountain. I followed an old track but it was blocked most of way and in the end I had to bush bash my way out of it. After that, I rode along the summit track.

After the ride, I had an ocean swim at The Haven then caught up with Paul H for breakfast.

22 February 2018

I called up Spot for a MTB ride at Moonie Moonie Nature Trail.

A fun ride. I had two stacks and Spot had three. There were a number of sections where the tree trunks bent inwards across the track, large rocks jutting up, loose edges on steep embankments and overhanging branches. The obstacles increased the fun.

23 February 2018

A bike ride along Umina, Ettalong and Ocean Beach.

Such a pretty morning. A lot of fun riding along the firm sand of the beaches. At the far end of Ettalong, the area started to become mud flats and there were a lot of blue soldier crabs on the move.

25 February 2018

I visited long time mate, Sojo. Just back from hospital.

I Sojo gave me a Mal surfboard. very colourful.

26 February 2018

I took the Mal for a surf at Umina Beach.

The first three aves the board had a mind of its own. Towards the end of the surf, I as taking off and cutting across the face okay and cutting out but not too gracefully.

27 February 2018

A MTB at Kincumba Mountain.

28 February 2018

Down for a surf at Ocean Beach. A small okay right with an occasional left.

Saturday, February 17, 2018


An early morning paddle around Avoca Lagoon.

The highlight today was the birds as there was a  number of species.

 Black-winged Stilt with chicks and a nest with three eggs. :)

Royal Spoonbill



Duck - too high to guess species

Pied Cormorant

Great Egret

Australian White Ibis

Welcome Swallow

Australian Pelican


1 March 2018 A one night break at Stockton. After an hour's driving, I realized that I forgot the paddle for the kayak. Luck...