Thursday, September 21, 2017


A surf check revealed smaller waves of poor shape. Maybe later.

I drove to Bouddi National Park and had a mountain bike ride along the Turkey, NW ridge, unknown, Allan Strom and unknown tracks.

It was a fun ride. I felt I had improved on all the runs. The first unknown run has a number of difficult sections being boulder obstacles and the sheer drop over the escarpment. I managed them better and actually made it over a number of obstacles that dwarfed me previously.

The second unknown track leads off the Strom track and it was very pretty. It wound its way through ferns and grass trees.

A fun 7 km ride.

A second surf check revealed no improvement.

Late morning, Kara, Mr Archibald and I drove down to Wamberal Beach for a sit and chat in the sun.

A warm day today.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


I checked a couple of nearby beaches but the swell had increased and the sandbanks weren't handling the waves.

I decided to check Umina Beach and The Box. unfortunately, they weren't too good either.

Next choice was a cycle around the tracks at Warrah Trig in Brisbane Water National Park.

I parked at Warrah Trig and had a short hike enjoying the wildflowers. I wandered into the bush and followed a series of sandstone boulders. The boulders were slightly above the vegetation so I had some good views north over Box Head and Bouddi National Park.

I drove back down the road and parked close to the main road.

I was testing the new gel bike seat. It was so good that I didn't need the bike pants.

My first track lead to a massive relatively flat series of tessellated sandstone. It was heaps of fun  cycling over the rough surface and finding a path through the clumps of bushes. The views over the spoon shaped depression were rugged and pretty. I found a plant I haven't seen before - Drosera Spatulata of the sundew family.

Next, was a fun short track that followed the main road.

I crossed the main road and followed the service roads to a couple of smaller tracks that lead to wide areas of sandstone that I had a cycle/play on.

Returning back along the main road, I spied a track to the left. I followed it and had a fun time meandering around boulders and vegetation until I reached a series of huge sandstone platforms. It was excellent riding over them and finding a at down and up to all the different levels. There was also a great view across the spoon shaped depression to where I was in the beginning of the ride.

A fun and adventurous 5km ride.

After the ride, I drove to Ettalong for a coffee and a bite to eat at 'The Box on the Water Café'. A great place to sit in the sun while watching the slow boating view across the exit of Brisbane Water.

I checked the waves on the way back home but still a no go.

Later in the afternoon, I had a walk with Jacinta from Terrigal surf club to and around the Haven. A nice finish to the day.


A beautiful day.
I checked the surf which was a bit small and full. I drove over to Patonga Creek to paddle around the mangroves.

Being high tide, I was able to paddle amongst the mangrove trees. It was a nice feeling, paddling over the crystal clear water and around trees with a canopy of green above me. Peaceful and serene.

There were a lot of birds about. I could hear them but it was difficult to see them as they blended in so well in the environment. When I managed to spy one or two, they were quick to fly off or hop out of sight.

After my paddle, I drove the short distant to Patonga Beach and enjoyed a cappuccino in the warm sun while looking over the awesome view of Broken Bay.

Later, I had a middle of the day walk along the Haven Beach and much later still, I had a sunset walk with Jacinta around the Haven.
A nice day.


I checked the surf but it was random and mono banked.

I decided on a kayak at Avoca Lagoon.

The wind was a little strong but in the sheltered areas there were a number of birds. I watched and admired them for awhile.

A black swan was in the reeds and on a closer but not too close inspection I realised that he/she was nesting. The swan left the nest and stayed close to me trying to encourage me to follow it and so move away from the nest. I obliged took a couple of photos and all were happy.

After the kayak, I sat down at Terrigal Beach in the shelter of the surf club. I then had a wander along the promenade and the beach. Such a pretty day.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


A morning surf check showed wild waves. I continued driving to Bouddi National Park to cycle along the Daley tracks. I tried this a short while ago but didn't do too good as the virus sapped me.

Today, I had a much better ride and managed to ride a long a number of tracks. Some of them were a bit hard for me in parts with big drops. I walked or slid down on these sections.

Overall, I had a much better ride but I think I can do better. Next time! :)

Afterward, I went down to Terrigal Beach for a cappuccino and a sit in the sun.

Saturday, September 16, 2017


In the early afternoon, We drove over to ride the cycle path at Long Jetty around part of Tuggerah Lake.

Jacinta's bike had remained unridden for a few years but the other day I cleaned it up, lubed the chain and pumped up the tyres and all seemed good.

Jacinta and I cycled for 13 km and the bike went well with no problems. the cycle track is easy and has nice views over the Tuggerah Lake. A strong wind was blowing so there were a lot of birds along the lakeside in the sheltered areas.

I had a bit of fun riding along a couple of piers.

Back at the start, I took Mr Archibald for a ride on my bike. He loved it.

Thursday, September 14, 2017


A hot day predicted for the beginning days of Spring.

Still with this virus, I decided on a short hike/meander around Toowoon Bay.

It never ceases to amaze me on how different this place looks every time I visit. The shape of island and changing swells cause the sand to move in a variety of directions. Today, there was a shallow sandbank on the end of the beach towards the island plus a deep channel between the beach and the island.

The sun was twinkling on the water, the swell was small. the weather was warm and it all added up to a pretty and scenic walk.

After the walk I had coffee at the Toowoon Bay surf club.

Later, Kara, Mr Archibald and I had brunch at the Cove Café at Terrigal Haven.

The wind had increased dramatically so we only had a short walk. We amused ourselves watching a pelican trying to land on the top of a lamp post. It took four attempts before it as successful.


A kayak at Avoca Lagoon.

A beautiful morning - warm, sunny, wispy clouds, reflections on the water.

I only paddled for 2km but spent a bit of time soaking in the ambiance of particular spots.

The start of the kayak is always pretty as it protected from most winds so the water is very reflective. There are branches overhanging the shore and a couple of trees which have fallen into the water. The birds were hidden but they were very noisy.

The next stop was the beach. The paddle took me past the beach and only 50 metres from the ocean waves. There were a lot of people walking their dogs. One of them I recognized was Paul. I pulled in ashore and we had a chat for awhile.

The lagoon is sort of a t-shape and over one of the crossovers is a bridge for car and pedestrian traffic. I paddled under the bridge and enjoyed the reflections of light and water on the underside of the base of the bridge. It was a bit mesmerizing.

Back across to the island and I paddled a short distance into the other t intersection. It was fun paddling amongst the water bounded trees and reeds. I spied a couple of birds foraging.

I packed my gear and drove over to Terrigal Beach for a cappuccino. I ran into Michael and his dog. We sat, walked and chatted about climate change.

After leaving Michael, I noticed a group of seagulls sitting quietly and in a straight line along the promenade wall. Sort of looked unusual to their normal frenzied activity.


A surf check revealed smaller waves of poor shape. Maybe later. I drove to Bouddi National Park and had a mountain bike ride along the T...