Thursday, April 26, 2018


A mountain bike at Brisbane Water National Park.

I parked at Grandview Crescent, Hardy's Bay.

It started as a road/trail which was fairly steep at the beginning. Once it started to get easier there was a trail to the left - Old Wagstaff Trail.

A great rough ride joining up to a track leading to Lobster Beach. I followed this track until I had a great view over The Box. I did a bit of rock scrambling then rode the track to the start of the downhill to Tallow Beach.

A wide trail but very steep to the bottom then a turn right along a narrow track and a cliff edge towards Little Tallow Beach.

At Little Tallow Beach, I met and chatted with a group of young people from Indonesia and a Basque girl from Bilbao, Spain. A very interesting chat.

I rode back along the cliff edge and narrow track to the big uphill grind of the Tallow Beach Trail. I managed to ride up the hill more than I did on my last ride.

Heading back along the dirt road of Hawk Head Drive, I noticed that my tyre seemed to be wabbling. it turned out that the front wheel was undone. Whoo! I felt very lucky that it hadn't come off as I was riding, especially, the steep sections. A reminder to check your gear carefully before any activity.

Friday, April 13, 2018


11 april 2018

A kayak around Fagans Bay in Brisbane Water National Park.

I started at East Gosford and paddled towards and under restaurant, under a pier, under the supports of the old railway bridge and under the railway bridge.

From there, I was in Fagans Bay where I paddled the circumference of the bay passing the mangroves and paddling through mangroves.

There were a number of birds including the Royal Spoonbill.

The water was very glassy in most parts of the bay but when I disturbed the fish and stingrays the water churned up noticeably.

Afterwards, I had coffee at Tommy's at East Gosford.

Later in the afternoon, a swim at The Haven was nice despite the strong NE wind.

12 April 2018

Up to Munmorah SCA for a mountain bike ride.

I rode The Quarry tracks. It started off on a very steep and narrow track to the far base of the old quarry.

I rode out of the quarry and bush bashed over a bit of track blockage then rode a long downhill track till it ended near the thick vegetation of a creek. Of course, it was an uphill grind back.

The second track was a turn off at the end of the Quarry Trail. This was a new track for me. It was downhill, rough and fun. As with the first track it ended near a creek and it was a grind back to the top.

I decided on checking out Snapper Point  and was rewarded with great views north over Ghosties Beach, Flat Rock Point and Frazer Park.

On the way home, I stopped at Shelley Beach. I had a fun surf in strong offshore winds. There were some good waves but a bit of a lull at times.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


8 April 2018

A beautiful sunrise over Terrigal on this morning.

Later, I had two snorkels at The Haven.

On the first snorkel, I saw a huge wrasse, many other fish and a turtle. The turtle was resting slightly under a rock ledge in about two metres of water. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera.

I met up with Jacinta, had a coffee then a second snorkel with an underwater camera. The visibility was poorer but the turtle was still there!

9 April 2018

A beautiful day and the sun was shining like a summer's day.

I drove up to Munmorah SCA to Red Ochre Beach and had two great surfs.

On the first surf, the set waves were breaking left and right solidly at shoulder height. there as just me and another guy on the bank.

I had something to eat and drink and paddled out for a second surf. The waves were even better and no one else was out.

What a great morning!

In the evening, Jacinta and I caught up with her old school friend Tess and husband Ian. A good night.

Sunday, April 8, 2018


A drive up to Brisbane Water National Park for a mountain bike ride.

Maybe. I'm getting bike fit but I did the whole of Tommos Loop with no uphill walking. It wasn't really a strain to do so I think I was doing better with gear changes and gear decisions.

Anyway, I enjoyed the ride - along a couple of fun narrow tracks, some good downhill suns, some good uphill grinds, weaving over the sandstone platforms a a fun fast road downhill back to the van.

A lizard under a rock ledge was a nice surprise.

A detour to Kariong Falls was the highlight.

I rode part of the way down the track and locked the bike to a tree and continued the rocky and steep track to the falls.

The falls were very pretty. I had a swim and a play around the base of the falls, followed by a long contemplative sit on a log by the pool,s edge. Nice.

Friday, April 6, 2018


2 April 2018

A surf at North Avoca Beach. Not the best but there were one or two okay waves.

Later, I had an ocean kayak heading north of Patonga.

There was a strong tidal current in parts as it was just before high tide. Overall. it was rough and pretty exciting. No tipping over ... so far.

3 April 2018

It was a looked better out than in surf at Wamberal Beach.

4 April 2018

A mountain bike ride at Bouddi on the Turkey, NW Ridge and Strom tracks. A good ride - controlled and faster, which made it  fun and enjoyable. I  sort of feel I'm improving as I getting through spots I couldn't on previous rides. Still. there are a couple of skills I wished I could do.

5 April 2018

A surf check.

The surf wasn't too good so I had an early hike at Kincumba Mountain on the Kanning Track. 

A pretty hike with huge boulders, ferns, a cave, bush flowers and a background of bird song.

Another surf check. I ended up at Soldiers Beach and had  good waves and not many out. A fun time.

6 april 2018

Another fun surf at Soldiers Beach - a right then swing back onto the left. Noone else was doing it so I was lucky and had heaps of good waves.

Sunday, April 1, 2018


1 april 2018

29th Wedding Anniversary today. Haha, having such a good time we only both remembered yesterday.

I started the day with a surf at North Avoca. The tide was too high for the small swell but there were still a couple of odd nice waves to ride. The water was warm and very clear.

After the surf, I joined Jacinta for a coffee at Terrigal Haven. A nice sit in the sun and chat.

Jacinta headed back home and I stayed for a snorkel.

The water wasn't too clear but down deeper, the visibility was much better. There were a lot a small fish amongst the rocks.

Saturday, March 31, 2018


25 march 2018

An early surf at North Avoca Beach. There were some good and hard breaking waves but it got a little crowded towards the end of the session.

26 march 2018

A surf at Wamberal Beach. A bit of a lull between the waves but some nice waves when they finally came. I surfed with George, Aldo, Steve, Bryce and Chris.

Later, I had coffee on Terrigal Beach.

27 march 2018

Kara and I drove to Sydney for the Royal Easter Show. It was mainly to see the birds on display. We did a lot of walking and were pretty tired by the end of the day.

My highlight was going inside an old double decker bus. Years ago, I was a bus conductor on these types of buses collecting bus fares. Bit of a memory lane trip.

28 March 2018

I surfed at North Avoca. There were some okay waves.

After, I joined Jacinta at the Haven for coffee and a sit on the beach.

29 March 2018

Surfed at North Avoca. Some okay waves but with some long lulls between sets.

30 march 2018

I surfed North Avoca just after the high tide. There were some good waves but it was very full and lulls were long.

31 march 2018

Down to Sydney with Jacinta.

We drove to Long Reef to buy some windsurfing gear - new boom and some small replacement parts.

After, we hiked to Long Reef Point. The view from the top of the point and at the base were the best part of the hike.


A mountain bike at Brisbane Water National Park. I parked at Grandview Crescent, Hardy's Bay. It started as a road/trail which w...